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  1. Sorry, if it seems mockery to you. I see the Positive side. Here at Fiverr we all are one community. And I wouldn't mind if someone wish me "Happy Independence day" on 16 December as it is our Independence Day for Bangladeshis. I feel like it help us to reduce the strangeness among us. I respect you different perspective. Kindest Regards, @captainwarlord
  2. @lloydsolutions Done. The link was attached with the Image I guess. Sorry for the Inconvenience. 😐
  3. @captainwarlord Yes, I am from Bangladesh. By "Our" I meant USA Community Here in Fiverr. Regards😃
  4. “🎉🎉Keep the American spirit alive by honoring this special occasion. Happy Independence Day!” to USA Community here in Fiverr.🎉 Best Wishes, sohanbapary365 🎊
  5. Haha, the capybara is very common on this forum because Discobot talks about it in the New User Tutorial. It became a symbol of good luck. 🙂 Jk @ahmwritingco , Can’t wait to meet my good luck. My gig’s on 4th page, it wouldn’t be disappointing if it get some boost and rank on page 1. 😅 Btw it’s nice talking to you.
  6. That is a new complement totally, Thanks @ahmwritingco . But I am laughing, seriously the spirit of capybara? 😅
  7. Well, I have just received the “Licensed” badge from @discobot , It was really cool how the bot carries on the conversation and teaches you the advanced use of the Fiverr Forum. *Have You Earned The Licensed Badge Yet? Yes 😃Not yet 😐0voters
  8. There is an option to export CSV file of your yearly total earnings on Earning Page, take a look @amitsahni07
  9. I have come across some recent incidents recently that some sellers downloaded files provided by the buyer or visited the link following by inquiry by their clients ( Fake Buyers) and they have faced their device is under malware attack. How can a person be safe in terms of visiting any links, files shared by their clients? What are the best practices? Any online virus scanner, extension, app suggestion? Currently, I use VirusTotal to scan the files & links.
  10. Not to mention that it is physically impossible to do so. We are all humans here, not robots. Yes, I concur with @enunciator 's point.
  11. Hi. You can turn notifications on. That way you won’t miss any inquiries. Also, the active green dot is not updated real time. You need to be active on a tab to be considered active even if you are on the main site. As @enunciator said there is no point in being active 24/7. It doesn’t do you any good. However, make sure you reply to inquiries and are on top of your orders, that’s very important. Very informative. I had some doubts prior to this post. I was testing if being active on the Fiverr app shows me online, But when the app is in the background and has no activity in real my account is offline. So, I really have to be doing some activity on Fiverr Web or the Fiverr app. Some people use auto-refresh extensions to make themselves active 24/7. It has no facility because if Fiverr shows me online and actually I am not there, I will miss any inquiries and my response rate be down and hours will be high. Thanks @afarigh
  12. I totally agree with you. I was confused after reading some faqs regarding this topic. As you said some says it has impact but I don’t think so. Just clearing my doubts. Thanks Enunciator.
  13. If I am active on the forum and reading the topics, Does Fiverr show my seller account as active following any buyer’s inquiry or a search? Will anyone see me active if they visit my account?
  14. It would be wise to use the original scanned copy. I guess b&w documents is not acceptable for any kind of verification.
  15. Can’t wait to have a great Forum Platform. Excited! 😍
  16. Hello Sailors, I hope everyone is doing good. Recently I have published a gig on Fiverr, I have researched the gig’s details properly like the title, description, packages & FAQ. The gig (Take a Look) rotates around the page from 3-6. The problem is I am getting a good amount of Impressions daily say 50 on average but the clicks are not satisfactory. What can I do to increase the clicks and what should be the best practices to design an eye-catchy gig cover image? My present one is quite professional but one of the Fiverr users told me that the image looks mostly a stock photo that’s maybe a problem to get attention from the buyer. (See the photo below) I am seeking expert advice in terms of designing cover images for a gig on Fiverr. How can I change the perspective of my gig’s cover image? Regards, Sohanbapary365
  17. I am overwhelmed that you liked my presentation David. Those are my actual work, I myself created those templates and later designed them like a professional MockUp Showcase. All the samples are exclusively designed by me. I was thinking that if I use some presentation following the market trend it will help me to grow, is it ok? Those samples and templates are copyrighted by my name on my Portfolio website. You may have a look if you like here: [Portfolio] (https://www.behance.net/sohanbapary) Finally, I know why the new seller might not get attention from the buyers as they should from you now. Thanks to you. Best Wishes, Sohanbapary365
  18. Hello Fiverr Forum Members, I am a new seller though my account is created back in 2019. I have 3 active gigs on my profile, it has been 15 days since I published the gigs. In these 15 days, I got 867 Impression, 27 Clicks and 1 message from a buyer though haven’t received any orders yet. What should I do to improve gigs’ rank? Now they rotate from 3 to 5 number page. Take a look at my best-optimized gig here: https://www.fiverr.com/share/DwEvE7 Any advice from senior & experienced will help me in this journey. Kind Regards, Sohanbapary365
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