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  1. Okay but is there any way I can verify my ID after the 13 days I have left in case I don’t manage to get a passport in this time?
  2. I got a notification saying I should verify my ID to continue selling on Fiverr. I’m over 13 but not over 18 so I don’t have an ID Card or a driving license. The only other option is a passport but I don’t have one either. It says I have 14 days to verify my ID. I’m trying to get a passport as fast as possible, but in case I can’t get it in time and my account gets disabled, what will happen to my earnings? Is there any way I can withdraw them after my account gets disabled?
  3. Yes but then how can I verify my ID? What other document can I use? I don’t have a passport
  4. I need to verify my account but, at least in Mexico, you can’t get an ID Card or a Driver’s license if you’re under the age of 18. Also, I don’t have a passport. Could I use a School ID to verify my account? Fiverr clearly says you can use their services if you’re over the age of 13 so I’m not breaking any TOS, so what should I do?
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