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  1. we all are human, not a machine. we should sleep at least 6 hours every day. We cant stay online 24/7. I think Fiverr didn't mention your stay online 24/7. stay as much as possible, minimum 15-18 hours. that would be good for us. Except for this information, overall good for a new seller like us. BTW thanks for sharing your experience.
  2. This is essential for newbies as like me. I will follow the rule. Thanks for shareing your experiences
  3. Firstly congrats on your success. A few days ago I have completed an order, but the buyer did not review me. He likes my work very much, he said he did the review. But he doesn't. But I am okay with that. I am still waiting for the next one.
  4. Good suggestions for newcomers as like me. Thanks
  5. Graphic designer from Bangladesh. Welcome to fiverr family
  6. Welcome to fiverr forum,Best wishes to you
  7. Welcome to Fiverr. Best of luck
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