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  1. You can always improve your gig. Impression does not mean that much, you have to rank your gig. Try doing some research on how to rank your gig
  2. Thank you kind sir for this excellent advice.
  3. Be patient, Research more,make your gig rank on search and send buyer request. Key to success is to research fiver marketplace.
  4. Welcome to fiver as well fiver forum. You are lucky to find forum this quick. You will get lot of unanswered question here. I wish I knew about it earlier.
  5. I am a new seller too, I’m on fiver since mid March of 2021. I got total of 5 order. I my experience, you have to do a lot of research to rank your gig, but ranking a gig only half of it, you have to make it look attractive so that potential buyer visit your gig. And finally I think getting order is a matter of luck also. So mu advice would be spend some time researching. 🙂
  6. I joined fiver on mid March of 2021, and got my first order on 13th April.
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