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  1. Welcome to this wonderful platform. I hope you will learn and deliver a lot through Fiverr.
  2. Hi @mariabasta it depends upon what sort of traffic you want to bring into your gig/profile. If you share your gig on social media platform like intagram and you are offering service like AWS or Azure storage than probably you will be getting traffic but not conversions (this strategy can help your gig rank better). It means one should share their gigs on relevant platforms to get good conversion. Like you can go on Quora and search for the relevant questions and answer them and in the end give your profile link. In this way there are chances to get relevant traffic as well as conversions. Finallay, you can create your own blog and posts where you can write about the services you can provide and highlight your services on Fiverr too. I hope it will help.
  3. Hi @roshanekka I believe if you can do it once you will be able to do it once again. Just keep keep on working, try improving your profile. Definitely one day you will be able to regain all that what you’ve lost… Best of luck.
  4. Hey @giftedsanjay welcome to Fiverr. I wish you great success ahead 🙂
  5. Impression An impression is when a Fiverr user comes on the page where your gig has been listed in, by searching for the keywords you have used in your gig or by navigating through the categories in which you have created your gig. Click A click is a more specific impression, in which a fiverr user shows explicit interest in your gig and clicks on it to see the complete offerings in the gig. Also, if you’ve shared your gig link e.g. social media platform and a visitor comes to your gig using that link, it would also be counted as a click.
  6. Congratulations, great to hear that. Would you please shed some light as to how did you successfully accomplished that? Good SEO, sharing gig or anything else. I’d like to learn from you.
  7. Actually on day one it was 40+ and now has been decreasing. I receive 10 to 20 impressions per day only.
  8. You can edit your gig by selecting the gig which needs to be updated and then click on the edit button. Now, you can edit everything from the gig but remember your gig link does not change even after changing gig title.
  9. Can anyone please suggest the Gig optimization techniques. Its been 8 days on fiverr and I have only 109 impressions and a single click on my gig. Thanks in advanced.
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