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  1. I have available online 24 hours online since 5 month and i think, i send buyer request. Some time few buyer knock me, but they do not place the order.
  2. I have the same problem. But i don,t know how to solve ?
  3. Please advise me. I have sent a buyer request to a buyer for lead generation work of $10. He does not place an order but, Randomly messages me for various information last 15 days as like messenger chatting. Now I am tired to answer the question. When I say to place the order. He has a runaway for 1 hour. Sometime later he comes back. and play the routine task as like as before. What I should now?
  4. Hello, Friends, Greetings Please advised me. Recently, I have canceled an order due to another reason. Now my completion rate is 75%, Is it a big problem? How overcome this situation? Please let me know. Thanks
  5. Thank you very much for nice comments
  6. Not sure what you are getting at here, but why would someone who is a “senior” (your words), here do your research? GG Absolutely you right your research . Thanks
  7. We have should a lot of study about buyer requests also research from an online, website and touch an expert for your better assignment. I think at first we should learn, What do buyer demand, How to fillup demand? What will I write about buyer requests? Someone let me know the specific 5 demands of the buyer’s request. Thanks
  8. Best wishes for with us and new gig published.
  9. Hi, Mate Suggest to me. I have handover a lead generation project with a five-star review. 15 days have passed. I have not got any project in this time. My Leads gig Impression 2.2Know. Please give me a suggestion about this. Thanks
  10. Hello Sir, Thanks. I have published social media marketing, link building, and Leads generation, gig. I have to need a social media-related buyer request topic. Thanks
  11. Hi, Please suggest to me anyone about the buyer request
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