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  1. Two days ago I lower my gig prices and now I seem a lil bit decreasing in by gig impressions…I want to know wether lowering my gig prices will affect my rankings
  2. it might be a problem with the algorithm…just be patient
  3. This might be a due to fiverr algorithm…I think they have updated their site…When this new algorithm detect your account it will get back on running …I wish you good luck…just stay patient
  4. All of this happened after the gig promotion started
  5. No …I don’t getting much clicks and impressions
  6. Were you getting clicks? I don’t…that’s the problem
  7. Is it still restricted ?? How many months has it been restricted?
  8. Yes I got one order and in few days it will be one month since I got any order
  9. I used to have that option for few days and they have unqualified the gig …I’m trying to get it back running because when they un qualifies the gig it goes to the last page
  10. Can someone tell me that how many days it will take for an unqualified gig to be promotable again?
  11. how many days does it took for you to get your gigs promotable again?
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