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  1. Some people never get order! It is true. Order is not a magical something. For getting orders, everybody meets below criteria. If you can meet these, you will get order. If someone need your service.If you able to reach them.If your service be helpful for them and fulfill their needs.If they be agree to buy service from you.Only then they will purchase your service by money. That is called an order for completing their required tasks. Thanks for advicing !
  2. My Fiverr first gig was done a few days ago! I’m looking forward to giving my services to Social Media Sector! and that is “I will create stunning social media templates” with a beautiful Primary gig image! but I haven’t received any orders yet! **Not only that but also haven’t get any notifiactions on Active or Sent offers in Buyer Request section yet! Please provide me some useful tips intellectual people! BTW! Good people! feel free to check and give critics and suggestions for my gigs directly below : https://www.fiverr.com/users/si_shushan5/edit/account
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