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  1. Can you remember how did you get your first order? I’m new seller, I’m curious.
  2. I will definitely keep it in mind. Thank you so much.
  3. Very helpful advice for me. Thanks for your information.
  4. I’m new seller. I haven’t get any order yet. What should I write in buyer request so that I can get more attention from the buyer? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello dewi, Thanks for your lovely advice. Hope it will help me.
  6. I will try to do that. Thank you for your advice.
  7. Yes you can as long as you are qualified to offer services in a different category 😉 Thank you dear friend
  8. This is quite inappropriate. You keep writing the same thing in every topic. This person have a problem and needs help. And you spamming forum with “welcomes” Wouldn’t help to solve his problem. Fiverr doesn’t always show 10 requests especially if you are a no level seller. Sometimes they might not even show requests at all. You have a possibility to send 10 requests but it doesn’t mean that you will have 10 requests shown. Thanks maria, Is it okay to open different categories gig?
  9. I’m a new seller. Everybody suggested me to send 10 buyer request daily. I don’t get get enough buyer request in my account. Can you help me guys?
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