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  1. BEAUTIFUL point!!! I’ve fought that for so long. I may charge $300 for a paper someone else will do for $10, but you get what you pay for.
  2. You just have to be patient. Customers don’t just show up out of nowhere. I haven’t made a sale on Fiverr yet. Upwork, where I make the most of my money, I still had to wait for weeks to get a job. Just hang in there.
  3. You wait. You talk to people. You make a better product. You get your friends and family and coworkers to come and buy your products. Before you know it, you’ll have more work than you’ll be able to deal with. This past week, I slept about 5 hours, and I had so many projects, I had to miss a day from my day job to finish them, But it took MONTHS to get there.
  4. Listen, Hon, I’ve been freelancer for a while. It doesn’t happen overnight. The site I’m most successful on took WEEKS until I took one order. Show your work, and you’ll be successful in now time. I show that I have zero experience on here, but that’s just ONE out of the many sites I freelance on. Just be patient.
  5. TBH, I’m used to just going my own thing. I try to do what I believe is going to be best for my freelance business. So far, I have not done any disfavor by following this guideline. What type of freelance do you do?
  6. Thanks for the tip. The other sites I freelance on don’t have forums likes this, so this is really new to me. I appreciate the advice.
  7. My bad! I’m new here and thought the discobot thing was part of a tutorial??? Stupid newbies 🙂
  8. I don’t mean to seem ugly, but there are SO many things to read and understand, it becomes overwhelming. Sometimes it’s a time saving factor to ask for assistance from a vetted member. My best, Tracy
  9. @discobot roll 2d6 My bad. I’m just learning and new. I thought it was some sort of instruction I was supposed to follow. Stupid newbies :0)
  10. @discobot roll 2d6 @discobot quote @discobot fortune @discobot start writing tutotial
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