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  1. welcome to the forum, welcome to the feverr 🙂
  2. Ah, this is very cool. I learned English the same way you did, informally, with games and movies. Almost everyone in my country (Brazil) learned English that way. I will take the advice of asking specific questions. Sometimes such different cultures cause different sensations, different experiences and a vision on some theme and scene.
  3. As vezes também me questiono sobre se posso falar em português em algum momento, ou mesmo nos gags. Eu coloquei misturado, o meu tem inglês e português na minha descrição, pq imagino que possa haver Br’s atrás de escritores e desenhistas e não queria essa distância por causa da linguagem.
  4. Oh, Thank you for your answer. I think your answer even gave me more confidence in my work.
  5. Hello. I would like to chat with other people who also do not have English as their first language. How are you adapting around here on the forum and on the website? Do you think it is easy or is it difficult? Can you talk to customers and understand what they want without difficulty?
  6. How can I charge so expensive if I don’t have any orders and my profile doesn’t have any views?
  7. I’m new here, I really like to write, especially if it is high fantasy, or fantastic horror. Creating anything for rpg is one of my biggest passions. I don’t know much about how to use this site, but here is my HELLO, and my profile if someone wants to exchange an idea or even ask for something written.
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