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  1. Regarding your last sentence: I have thought the exact same. But I do know that family is tight in Pakistan. I’ll send him a message and clarify it.
  2. Hi. The seller has delayed order several times. I have said OK each time. The seller is a muslim and currently they have or have had ramadam. That is fine with me, since I haven’t been in a rush. On the 22th of April, seller asked for 9 more days to deliver website. I said fine. Then, the deadline is passed, he gives no excuses, but says he is trying to upload his code to the website. From this point on, I hear nothing. I ask him if he is okey and get this response: “Hi, My cousin’s uncle son is died due to covid. He was admitted in a private hospital. They were paying much everyday but still he died. Because everything is in hand of God.” This is in Pakistan, and I understand they are heavily affected. I have given him my condolences and left it at that. 3 days have passed now, and I now I am wondering how to proceed from here. Can I expect any delivery or should I just give him time? I don’t mean to be rude, since it very well may be this has affected him and his family in a major way, but on the other hand, I do suspect he is using this a as another excuse.What do you think?
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