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  1. Thanks Marina! you’ve helped me a lot. i’ve ended up working for free for some clients just like you said 😦
  2. Thanks very much! i’ll just remove the one hour option and think of something else:)
  3. i tried, but the thing is they still think their time is not up,so they don’t accept the offer but still making me to do things:( thanks very much for your reply.
  4. the service i provide actually is fair by hourly rate, it’s just some people are not being fair, they know the time is up and they still ask me to do extra work, and the worse thing is some clients never think their time is up, in their mind one hour=10hours even i remind them many times. so this leads to disagreements:( i’m just frustrated. thanks so much for your reply.
  5. Hi lovely people, I just have one question, and I wish you could provide me some advice on this:) So my gig is charged by hour of work, after they place order for one hour, and I worked for them for one hour, and they still want me to do extra work, but they are not placing order, so in this situation, what should I do?😦
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