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  1. The two points you mentioned are important for maintaining a long-term relationship with a buyer.
  2. Your motivational quotes should get everyone’s attention.
  3. What you say from the point of view of your experience is exemplary.
  4. you have given a great resource and tips.
  5. You are welcome. You need more patience to get good results.
  6. Hopefully you will unveil more tips and from which we will learn more important things later.
  7. Many of us have a lot of misconceptions about fiber gig impressions and many things related to gigs. The idea of many will be clear after reading this post of yours.
  8. Many of my ideas have changed after watching the video you presented.
  9. You don’t stop sharing/marketing your gigs to social media, you should marketing your gig to all social media regularly. As a result, the impression and click of your gig will increase. If your gig getting a good impression then your gig again appears on the first page.
  10. I learned a lot of new things through this post.
  11. Welcome to Fiverr Forum. Firstly I can say, you should Share/marketing your Gig to popular social media daily, for these activities your Gig Impression and click will be increased. You should complete all buyer requests per day as your limit.
  12. You published only one Gig, But you can publish 7 Gigs and you should. Then you get more buyer requests. The chance of probability to get order will be increase.
  13. You have nothing to worry about right now. The right way to marketing your Gig on various social media is the only way to increase your clicks along with impressions.
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