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  1. Fiverr send me some files where some templates for using gig card, my Q is if I update my gig card then what happen? I lose my position or anything else? please give me some suggestions. and i also want to know that, why they send me templates?
  2. hello, I want to know your expertise experience how were the days after got level 1, level 2, and what happens after getting level, and are you benefitted after level 1, 2
  3. thank you soo much for your helpful advice .
  4. I received a buyer who place a blank order and he doesn’t give me any information for works , and he send me unprofessional massages , i say him that please provide requirment but he still fun with me, my cancellation rate was high then i deliver a blank delivery and promises that i will do your work after giving requirements, then he accept delivery, and gave a one-star review ,then cancel order and maybe report me , then i recieve a warning from Fiverr, it was a bad experience for me. please give me a suggestion how to i avoid a fraud buyer after order without cancel.
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