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  1. You pointed out the significant fact. Thanks a ton for your suggetion 😇 I’ll try to follow these things in future.
  2. Thank you so much. It means a lot to me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s really very informative and helps me to send BR in the future. 😇
  3. For getting orders, what are the things we should follow to send an appropriate buyer request? And how to write it so that the buyer responds to it. I think it’s a crucial fact to know 🙂 If anyone helps me, I really appreciate it :hugs:
  4. I do refresh the page but it didn’t work 🙃
  5. Hello there. I’m facing something unusual 😭 Why I’m not getting any Buyer Request from the last few days? After being active in Fiverr. 😭 I really don’t know why it’s happening 🙃
  6. @alankargupta I replied to you…check plz
  7. thank you so much for your advice 😇
  8. Hi there, As a new seller, what are the problems that I may face? plz help me out this 😔
  9. Experienced sellers can actually assist new sellers without ever directly communicating with each other. Looking at how successful gig pages are structured, priced, and presented is great insight into positive trends and practices that a new seller can take note of (but not copy). Before even putting up a single gig, read and understand the ToS and do the free introductory Online Freelancing Essentials course offered by Fiverr. Not knowing the rules and the basics of gig pages, orders, and deliveries very often results in disaster. Be truthful in what you are good at and honest in your assessment of if you think people are willing to purchase from a complete stranger your particular services. Research the category you plan to enter. Find out how sellers present and price themselves and see if there is a real demand for the service and also determine if the category is over-saturated. If the field is crowded, plan to distinct yourself through some means, whether by focusing on a less-saturated niche or presenting your gigs in a unique manner. Dive into the forum and read the pearls of wisdom and horror stories from other actual buyers and sellers. There’s a lot of terrible advice floating on the forum, but valuable insight can also be discovered if one takes the time to properly analyze what people say and determine if it seems logical and factually based, or just hogwash. All of what I mentioned should be done before a single gig page goes up on a new account. Unfortunately, most new sellers neglect most or all of these important steps and dive headfirst into ruin. -TLDR Version: Learn the platform rules, be honest in what you are good at, and do proper research into the categories you are entering. That’s really kind of you 😇
  10. Hi there, I’m new to Fiverr, pray for me so that I can achieve my goal on Fiverr. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And I would be really grateful for any advice. I feel that experts should assist the beginner in getting their first order on Fiverr. What say, guys? 😇
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