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  1. My buyer bought 2 projects from me in a milestone offer I set up. I delivered the first one and they asked for a revision, which I happily did. But now it says buyer can no longer be contacted. What happened? And does this mean I won’t be able to start the second milestone? And will I be paid for what I’ve done?
  2. Hi, Seokaybee! Just from a quick look at your profile (and not even the gig yet) I can see a few problems that have nothing to do with pricing. Your bio has quite a few grammatical errors in it. Maybe you created your profile on a mobile device and not a computer and in that case, there’s greater risk for errors. Especially if the keyboard is switching between different languages. You also mention “we” a lot in your profile. Is there more than one person working on your account? That isn’t allowed, but maybe that’s just a turn of phrase where you’re from. Either way, it’s important to center YOU and the things you and only you can provide. If you’re offering writing services, make sure the writing in your gigs demonstrates the quality of your work. Naturally, clients will request samples and you’ll have even more chances to wow them with your abilities, but your gigs and profile are glimpses of what’s to come. Use that space to wow potential buyers! In short, I would do a complete overhaul of your profile and make sure the writing is up to par. Good luck on your journey.
  3. thanks for the great tip on making a FAQ! i’m dreading doing any more work on my gigs lol! but i figured i’d have to keep refreshing and tweaking them anyway. i have a custom order right now and i’m in the middle of revisions and i think a faq definitely would have helped … which reminds me, i better get off this forum and get back to work! thanks again 🙂
  4. thanks so much! i’m looking through the forum and there are a lot of good tips. i think i had my head in the clouds a bit…but u’re right, i should be happy with what i’ve done so far!
  5. Hey, everyone! My name is Mak and I’ve been on Fiverr for a few weeks now and I’m still getting the hang of it. I’m a freelance writer and I’d like to connect with other sellers in this community. I haven’t had many customers yet…but I know it takes take time and perseverance. What has your experience on the site been like so far? And what tips do you have for a new seller? Thanks 😉
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