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  1. Thank you very much for sharing this valuable content.
  2. It happen when you open 5+ tab at a time.Do not open too much tab at a time.
  3. When you open too much tab at the same time then it happen.
  4. Thanks for sharing your valuable information.This will be helpful for many new comers.
  5. I am also new here.I try to marketing my gig on social media.You can try this…
  6. @irfanemu You are a new seller since June 2020 with no sales so not quite sure how you can offer credible advice! My mentor is a top-rated seller in Fiverr. When I ask him to edit my gig he told me not to edit now whenever I get at least 2 orders in queue. And the same thing I wrote here.
  7. You can edit your gig. But i recommend you when you have some order in que then you can edit your gig. It’s better for your gig.
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