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  1. Stay Online, share gig link on social media gig promotion groups for increase impression and clicks as well as send buyer request daily.
  2. No, it is a bad impression for client, profile image is the post important for seller. So try to take professional profile image.
  3. To take SEO of your gig and daily buyer request send
  4. Take SEO tutorial on YouTube ( How can take SEO of Fiverr gig) then Search which keyword of related field have low competition max to max 4000-5000 or less choose these keyword and use these key word in your gig title, tags, description, image name etc
  5. To take SEO if your gig and share gig link on Facebook gig per motions links
  6. Approve Your gig and SEO optimize to your gig as well as send daily buyer request. stay online
  7. sent buyer request daily and stay online as well as be patient for new client message
  8. Yes, if you change keywords of this gig then your gig loose ranking page of previous gig
  9. Approve your Proposal and communication skills as well as try built trust with client.
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