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  1. I notice that they are some buyers they will just place order and after getting their work done they will open dispute for order cancellation just because they don’t want to pay for the job that is fraud and fiverr need to take sellers serious the way they do to buyers also.
  2. is better you download fiverr mobile app on your phone.
  3. you supposed to contact customer care service for clarification that will be more easier i think.
  4. you are welcome here on fiverr best market place.
  5. fiverr need to look into this buyers someone would offer for service and when you deliver the service they request for cancellation without no reason that the service is poor i wonder how to identify such fake buyers i got such experience here and i need professionals that will advice me how to deal with such buyers this is so annoying.
  6. got same experience yesterday he placed order without requirement not even responding to chat he took him three days to request for revision which i asked him a simple question to tell me actually the reason he think the service is poor never respond but only saying service is poor i think when service is poor you explained to the seller but he refuse to explain to me the actual reason i think he is here to steal order for a gig and request for cancellation fiverr need to look into that because that is a fraud.
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