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  1. Yes there any update on the gigs which are already published?
  2. Waiting for this new forum 🔥
  3. Yesterday, I wanted to change my Occupation through this link https://www.fiverr.com/seller_onboarding/personal_info But I am unable to change. It allows me to change but whenever I save and finish my profile setup it doesn’t work.
  4. the gig image I want to change has 1.5K Impression & 11 click in last 6 month. is it a okay situation?
  5. I just want to change my one of gig’s front image cause it isn’t looking attractive. so can I?
  6. Is there any problem will happen? If I update my gig’s picture, video or pdf? Thanks in advance.
  7. I am improving it through marketing. you can try also. (Must have an attracted and professional gig)
  8. Thanks. you can understand my gigs. isn’t my 3rd (mailing labels) gig’s category okay? 🙁
  9. But maximum people are using this category for this service 🙁
  10. okay. thank you but I am also getting other category’s buyer request. is it a normal thing?
  11. Hi, I am a new seller. Started my journey 4 month ago. I have published 3 gigs but I am not getting appropriate buyer request and not so many. What should I do now? Thanks in Advance.
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