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  1. Hello, I have a customer who had a completed order. After some days, he requested changes to the service I made. I think he should’ve included these in his revision requests when the order was still active. Moreover, the changes were not really part of the original instructions as I was not given a specific context for the service. Should I just charge them or consider it a revision anyways? Thanks in advance.
  2. Apologies I forgot to mention that I have mild dyslexia. Having a reading disorder wasn’t really a bother to me but when it comes to reading terms or documentation, I ask my brother to help me as he skims for main pointers. My brother’s not here with me so I go ask directly in the forums instead. As I told, this is just my side gig and relied here so I can get some information directly. That is why I have been suggesting that there should be some summary or simple guidelines that surfaces the main pointers I need on behalf of their terms 🙂
  3. Because it’s the same as 20% deduction. You just didn’t read the contract that you signed when you signed up to fiverr. First of all they mention it in your link you attached and secondly in their terms of service that YOU signed, agreed to and confirmed that you read and understood it. So it is definitely very transparent. image1242×2688 654 KB image1242×828 103 KBHmm, I get your point but somehow, like me an average, do not read ToS (rather skimming for important stuff) in one seating as I just do this as a side gig and have other stuff to do. Maybe they could’ve just cleared this during onboarding as summary for payment processes or atleast include in their free online course for freelance that I’ve taken a month ago.
  4. So after done researching, the reference I got was here in this page mentioned in other forums too. Fiverr.com Start Selling on FiverrOne marketplace, millions of professional services. Browse. Buy. Done. It was mentioned in the Q&A but states as $80 of earnings you’ll get. Somehow, this info is not exposable enough to others. image1420×484 20.3 KB
  5. Ok so it was the commission fee after all. But why is it that if I search about it, it doesn’t show up in their support page or Google itself? It only shows results from other sites that explains this. This is somehow not transparent for other buyers/sellers, especially new ones. And to be clear, this is different with the service fee they impose, right?
  6. Hello, As I understand that there is a service fee, this wasn’t detailed or raised when I was creating a custom offer to some of my clients. Meaning the price I attach to the offer is the same as what I get, right? Well now in my earnings and the available withdrawals, they are somehow deducted BIG from my original custom pricing and do not reflect in any invoice or transaction details that is currently not available. For instance, my 1st milestone in a custom offer worths $60, but only got $48 before and after the pending clearance. That $12 deduction of sort is somehow not the amount of their service fee from what I recall in their terms. Or are there other hidden policies that are not surfaced well? Hmmm.
  7. Yeah have thought of that too but I also take advantage from it as practice and by posting my ‘small drafts’ to social media as portfolio since I’m a designer. Anyways, I don’t do drafts that involve their gig requirements but a generic sample only.
  8. Thanks, I’ll try best enough to get my most quality works on top of my profile
  9. I got some info here: Fiverr Help and Education Center It turns out that video call is still on beta and is kinda currently available to sellers with Fiverr Business and V.I.D. buyers conversations
  10. Hey @teachernita, I have an opened order yet couldn’t see the mentioned feature nor searchable in Google. Is this an exclusive feature for some membership like Fiverr Pro?
  11. Good day colleagues, Sometimes, work samples in the profile are not vouching enough by clients to evaluate their candidates and contractors. In my case, my client wanted to make a small draft of the work I do so that they could judge the quality of my work and sometimes make me do a small portion of their requirements to see if we are on the same page of the work order. Is there any issue in these instances of customer demands or platform policy? Would appreciate it if you could share some of your tips or references when it comes to this 😃 Thanks!
  12. Good day colleagues, I was wondering as my client wanted a meeting call by sending a link within Fiverr chat so that they would talk with me to their team about my work process. Is this still legal policy? As there is no call feature in the platform so that our conversation would be fluid and on the go until their deadline. I would also love it if y’all could share some of your tips or references on how I could improve the communication with clients. Thanks!
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