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  1. Hi Peaksolve, Noted. 1/ Dropping the price is one thing. 2/ re:Learn how to Successfully Freelance on Fiverr is another. Answer me this. 1/ Did you do what you are suggesting? 2/ When did you get your first gig? 3/ What affiliation do you have with Fiverr? 4/ How many other persons share my same POV? Waiting …
  2. Great to be here on Fiverr. I have a concern that can be done with some explanation if someone can assist. I have done everything Fiverr requested from setting up gigs etc. I have had no response to the gigs, however, I will receive a notification from Fiverr that I have not logged in and they are deactivating the gigs. My concern is why would I be interested in logging into Fiverr when Fiverr is not providing me with any work? Sensible responses will be great thanks.
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