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  1. hello every one i am here after so long , how can i restart my work like before .
  2. hey fiverr community coming back on fiverr after a long time how are you all.
  3. how can i make my gig popular and get some genuine customers
  4. thank you so much for your help apprciate that actually i had a team of digital marketing now because of covid everyone has left because of no work at all all the things i am doing on my own thats why i needed some tips that should i hire a team again or sould i keep working with freelancers
  5. same situation mate just be patient and wait for the better days to come all the best and hope you get orders soon.
  6. all the best to you too mate have a great day. appreciate you to make my day
  7. again in a very peaceful way i want to ask you my friend how can i make my question disappear from here or in simple language how can i delete my question from here because i don’t want it anymore i am very positive with my work i dont want any negative comments or suggeston i am sorry if i made you feel that and only long paragraphs dont work i just asked how to delete thi question and you were like ask it in a long way why bro i am comfortable with these 3 words and you if you cant nderstand simple language you cant deal with customers.
  8. Resources issue due to Corona Virus Outbreak what should I do
  9. can anyone tell me how to rank on Fiverr I am here for almost 1 year but never got a single order please suggest me something so that I can improve.
  10. congratulations mate all the best for future
  11. best of luck mate you will get them soon just be patient
  12. just be patient and send buyers request daily being active is the key for this, best of luck from me,.
  13. thanks for the help i appreciate it will keep it in mind
  14. ohh that thanks for telling appreciate it .
  15. what is TOS in fiverr please tell
  16. how to Send Buyer Requests in fiverr
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