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  1. Thank-You So Much! I’m very excited about making my first sale last night! More so that the customer was happy with the service! No matter where my journey takes me, it was great validation to be paid to provide a freelance service that I have always had a connection to! Between that and the Community support, and learning from so many here, it is a good day!
  2. Hey Everyone! I’m super excited to announce that I have successfully delivered my first gig to the Customer’s satisfaction! 😃 It was a small gig, but it feels great to to take that huge first step!
  3. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome so far! This Community is amazing, very friendly, and supportive! I look forward to this journey, growing with this Community! 😃
  4. @ameenansary thank-you! Happy to be on this journey!
  5. @gongor32 that’s awesome that switching up a couple things got some orders! Yeah, definitely seems like the active approach is the way to get things done. I’ve been watching for buyer requests as well, I see a lot of interesting things on there, so far I have been too slow in getting an offer in. I took a look at your page, I dig your sample illustrations! All the best!
  6. Hey There @enunciator! Thank-you so much for the response, and checking out my profile! I took a listen, and wow, I did not realize I missed that peaking in previous review! I also must admit, I wasn’t aware I could do a different demo reel for each gig, I thought it was just three uploads for all. Whoops. I greatly appreciate your feedback, I’ll definitely make some tweaks! Thanks, and all the best!
  7. Hello Fiverr Community! Recently, overcame my fears and am starting my journey into Freelance work! Starting as a Voice Over Seller, I also have other skills including writing, and leading. I’m starting small, with a goal of developing my own brand, one day fully replacing my day job doing meaningful work that I love! I’m looking forward to meeting, learning from, and sharing with as many of you as possible! I’m happy to be here! When I’m not working or working, I’m probably grilling on the BBQ and enjoying craft brews. Let’s talk soon!
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