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  1. great news to new sellers like me. to make skills in new things ...
  2. As a experienced seller in fiverr. what do you like in fiverr? what changes is needed in fiverr you think?
  3. yeah, fiverr is providing us a great and safe freelancing opportunity easy to connect with buyers and sellers. when I joined fiverr I feel same. be patience and update your skill one day their will be some one come to you it will be a starting you will get more and more buyers. have a great day brother
  4. do buyers request you will find some one who can help you …
  5. great, new doors are opening … nice
  6. yeah, be up-to-date about the changes in fiverr .
  7. cool, wait for the next turn 👍
  8. I think fiverr is going to next level , by bringing more opportunity to freelancers. thank you very much to fiverr
  9. taking new way is way to new success
  10. don’t worry. i too fell that recently it will be okay .
  11. patience ,hard work both will pay off one day
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