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  1. Hi friend Welcome! If you want to get a buyer request, make sure that your gig is properly arranged. See if you missed something to sort or write an offer. Check if you have given tag / key word according to your gig title. And yes, buyer requests are not always available. You will check the buyer request at 12 midnight and 2 pm (Bangladesh time). Thanks dear!
  2. You can share your valuable gigs different social media platform and you can apply buyer request and stay fiverr forum.
  3. Hi dear, Welcome to fiverr forum. Keep doing!
  4. May be, Not bad effect for your other gigs. If you want to delete your 1 gig, then you will create a very eye catching gig. Thanks…
  5. To my knowledge, the reasons for the decline in the impression of gigs are. Change the gig image again and again.Edit the gig.Change the title of the gig.Don’t spend too much time online. Because it is the groom.Late massage to the buyer. There are many more issues. We need to be vigilant at all times. Because we are sellers. Our main job is to provide good quality service to the buyer. Give them world class service.
  6. In fact, everyone is waiting. When that desired first order will come. Don’t break down. Continue your work. No one can achieve success without losing patience. Do you have seven gigs arranged well? Are the images visually pleasing? Does your gig have the word and gig descriptions in the right way? Then I hope you will succeed. Share gigs and send buyer requests is also standard.
  7. Oh dear, very sad! Don’t worry. Keep doing your valuable work. Everyday you can share your gig twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  8. Wow, Congratulation man! keep doing your work…
  9. welcome dear man, I hope you will success! Keep doing your valuable work. You can send everyday 10 buyer request. Re-search your skill every moment. Thanks…
  10. welcome dear man! keep doing your work…
  11. Hi dear, Welcome! You can share your fiverr gig different social media platform. You can send 10 buyer request everyday. Just wait and see. You will success if your gig is eye catching. Thanks…
  12. From here you can learn many important things all the time. Which will assist in your work.
  13. Welcome to You can’t be impatient with so little. You have to post your gigs on different social media every day. If your gig image is good, you will get orders. You stay in the fiverr forum regularly. Then you can success. Thanks…
  14. Hi, Asked a very important question. You can check the Fiverr policy well and take advantage of Fiverr help and support. Thanks …
  15. Hi dear and welcome, You should, can everyday a lot of time spend fiverr forum. You can share your gig different social media platform. Wait and see. Success will come if you have patience. Have a nice day. With thanks…
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