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  1. Woow, This is inspiring… I’ll have more patience towards getting my first sales…
  2. My first gig is right here… https://www.fiverr.com/share/zzperz
  3. 21 days on Fiverr without sales, I then decided to publish my second gig high in demand business name and perfect logo for your brand I’ve done several social media promotion as well, What else do I need to put into consideration that will likely drive in my first Order?
  4. Yes, It was my 13th day on Fiverr already. I got my first message on the 10th day. I guess the buyer that contacted me is in contact with few other sellers so it’s very hard getting a quick response from him/her and brainstorm… How do you manage to land your first client aside responding quickly, and sending a valuable offer.? Here is my gig https://www.fiverr.com/share/5A3Xr6
  5. This is Awesome. Thanks for sharing! What advice did you have for new sellers like me that’s struggle to get their first sales.?
  6. I’ve checked your gig, It’s awesome, I’m a new seller too, but regardless my only advice is to post your link on social media for more gig visibility, For first client might be coming from there!
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