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  1. Thank you all for the replies! The client has never left a review yet. I just delivered two milestones of four without problems, during the third milestone the client received that message about the review. The other day I offered an extra and, after the client accepted it, the order status changed from “delivered” to “in progress”, so the problem seems to be solved
  2. Hello, this is the first time I make a topic in this forum and I hope to not make mistakes. I created a 4 milestones order and actually I’m working to the 3rd milestone. Today I received a message from the buyer that says he has received a notification from Fiverr about order review. The message says that he has 24 hours to review the order. I was thinking it is referring to the past milestone, but I would a confirm about it. The order is marked as delivered, but I see 5 days left to deliver the work. Thank you!
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