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  1. Hello, I was surprised to see the change and clicked the "Become a Seller" button when I entered the new forum site. I am now being treated as a newbie, is that happening only to me or to everyone?
  2. Outstanding look, But I cannot find my previous batches.
  3. Being hacked by a daring hacker group is really a bad experience for me. It encrypted my entire computer and asked for 980 dollars to restore it. My windows installation pen drive was infected, so I cannot even reinstall Windows. From the Fiverr forum, I found out that this is ransomware, and that if I reinstall Windows, it won’t have any chance to retain my data. How does it get into my computer? Well, I was a little greedy about an Illustrator plugin and I’m trying to download the crack for it. After downloading I make my real-time protection off and install it. My works, my files, my personal photo album, and so many other things are gone. However, I only care about my Fiver account. Immediately, I logged out of the drive, but I get a security question when I try to enter my email address. There I have changed my password. But cannot change fiver password through mobile phone. Kristina and Ivana from Fiverr’s support team handled the matter well and continue to work with me despite all the information they have. Thank’s a lot. My fiver account has not been affected and I got a memorable experience. IMG20210531120437_002080×1560 1.53 MB my previous forum post
  4. Thanks, it would be a solution. I haven’t thought about it.
  5. Many thanks for your suggestions. But I have formatted my whole PC. I thought it would be a solution. Only I am concerning about the fiver account.
  6. I am facing a big problem right now. My entire PC has been hacked by someone. It encrypted my whole PC documents and ask 980$ to revail the whole. I can not even reinstall my windows. Now I have logged out my email account and the drive and cannot login from PC. I am now in mobile phone and noticed that somehow they can enter my email that I have got a security message from there. I have changed my password there. But cannot change fiver password through mobile phone. 😔
  7. That will be a good idea to improve our forum experiences. If it can be possible to highlight the trendy and important topic when we enter the forum. The unread option does not help too much to get new ideas. Most of them are greetings or short complements basis.
  8. It’s not your fault. your fate does it. Hope your position will be recover soon. 😢
  9. Hi, I am facing a confusing matter about the copyright issue for font usage. I got the same font some website offer me free and other don’t. How it’s possible for the same font valued as premium along with free to use?
  10. Thank’s your sharing quotes helps us a lot.
  11. Some plugin causes this kind of harassments.
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