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  1. Skilled people known easily by skill test in fiverr. but this is not so much fact to get order more. best of luck
  2. i am agree with you that every gigs have to be unique
  3. as many people believe that more active more order, that's refers more active more money? But i am not sure about this point
  4. after active 24/7 times, did you get more order from fiverr?
  5. i mean gig SEO and buyer satisfication is mostly important factor to get your gig rank
  6. your gig has 67 review? at this time why you need improve? please care your old buyer and take best hiden review from them, hidden review keep your gig rank. your thumbnail also need to improve, please research more competitor gig, then you will understand more solutuin
  7. please research your gig and competitor of your gig, more research & more learn here, Best of luck
  8. The corporate world has changed more in the past two years than in the past twenty years. It took a pandemic to make people realize that you don't need to travel for work two hours a day to sit in front of a computer that is connected to the internet anyway. It is no longer possible to attract people to work at a full-time job in a corporate office because people have realized that the idea of a "safe and secure" job is just a dream that can collapse at any time. There is no need to work at a specific location in a specific city because we all live in the global village called the internet. If you have expertise on a specific skill, you can remotely work for the best companies in the world at command earnings that compete with anyone in the world with the same skill. And the best part is that you can work on a contract basis. So what is preventing people from becoming freelancers and quit their day job (if they are fortunate to have one)? The lack of a personal brand. The full-time corporate world operates on slightly different rules where you can jump from one company to another based on your personal network and influence. But in the freelance world, having a personal network is not enough, you need a personal brand. Building a personal brand doesn't mean becoming popular. A personal brand is built when you add value to people's lives through your content, sometimes without charging anything for it. If you want to build a strong personal brand as an influencer, you need to start with blogging. Write a few articles a month about what you learn, what you know and what you have experienced. Writing is the best way to let the world know that you exist.
  9. some people tried to do spam with fiver, when fiver got understand that someone is spamming then fiverr deactivate this profile,
  10. welcome to fiver world, best of luck
  11. please search in youtube by writing, "link Github account to Fiverr" You will get solution may be
  12. people think that freelancing is one of the easiest profession where people can be billionar easily. but in reality, freelancing is going to be hard profession where you can not survive your family in the fast time, there needs to be patient. if you can not be patient, you can not continue your freelancing career. When your income has starting to come your moneybag, then your life will get little happiness of freelancing. Best of luck
  13. search your issue in the youtube, you will get solution may be.
  14. provide best service and give priority buyer satisfication as fiver took buyer hidden review which effect after completing your order
  15. please complete the process by desktop and follow your solution in youtube, best of luck
  16. in fiverr, there is only option to get buyer in buyer request, but you can get your buyer by social media like linkedin, facebook and twitter
  17. this is only for VID, check my image
  18. Thanks for your good suggestion
  19. agree with you, keyword is the main fact to get any gig in fiver search
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