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  1. What is GMB? Do you ever worry about having too many contracts to juggle at once? That’s a lot of writing to do 😯
  2. Thank you for your input! While it’s not illustration, it’s valuable all the same
  3. @enunciator ah, ok, so I get to decide what can/can’t be revised in a revision, good to know! Thank you! 🙂 @ligiacarvalho Thank you. None of my gigs offer unlimited revisions, especially after seeing the many, many, tips and (horror) stories from other sellers advising against it.
  4. Do you guys have other sources of revenue, or is Fiverr your main income source? What do you do in the down periods? (Low clicks, low orders etc) I’m just curious because I don’t have enough experience or a big enough following yet for a website to be of much use to me. This is mainly aimed at those who do illustrations and similar things, but other responses are welcome as well 😁 ~Vee
  5. This is specific to illustration. 🙂 I know revisions are used after the work is submitted, and more can be purchased later if need be, but what counts as 1 revision? My very first order used her revisions but only asked for 2 things to be fixed because it came with 2 revisions, but what constitutes a revision? Is one revision: all the things you want fixed at one time? (E.g. fixing a size, color, and background =1 revision) or is 1 revision for one thing fixed? (E.g. fixing a size = 1 revision, fixing a color = 1 revision) and so on? I want to be confident in this so I can help my customers if they have questions in the future, I tried looking it up on the f.a.q, and articles around Fiverr but they all only talked about providing revisions and buying more,etc. Thanks! ~Vee
  6. Thank you @theratypist and @marinapomorac I found it! I was using my tablet to use the website and it is currently only available on desktop.
  7. Thank you, I know about the Fiverr mobile app, but this was suppose to allow you to send custom offers outside of Fiverr, but I think they may have scrapped it 😦
  8. I saw it initially in the welcome course video, but I can’t find the tool anywhere. I’ve checked in the dashboard, profile area, and app. Am I just missing it? Or did it get discontinued? Thanks! ~Vee
  9. No, I typed in ‘illustrator crediting’ but I’ll check that too because I didn’t get a lot of relevant results.
  10. Hi Fiverr forums! I have a potential buyer for one of my gigs and they would like to list me as the illustrator on the work. I’m excited but I also heard you can’t provide your real name on Fiverr if it isn’t already your username. My first name is in my username, and my last name starts with an ‘M’. Can I provide the M for crediting, or should I only give my first name? Thanks!
  11. Ohh I see, my guy on the beach isn’t doing anything, he’s just, standing on a beach, which doesn’t tell the viewer anything, so their eyes naturally start going towards technical aspects like anatomy, lineart, etc. If the pose and environment were more dynamic and set a scene, the viewer would focus more on the piece/story as a whole instead of the smaller details. But that doesn’t mean I should cram a bunch of unnecessary details into the image because it will look crowded and then I have a different problem XD Thank you, this was helpful 😁
  12. I appreciate you not being blunt for my sake, while still getting the point across. I’m someone who both welcomes advice/criticism but is also sensitive to it. I do understand that the people who hang out on the forums see a lot of spamming/bots etc, but it can be disheartening for real people who come in looking for advice from fellow Fiverr sellers to be almost immediately met with harsh words I didn’t realize the connection people may make between my education and the gigs I have, I thought people would just be looking for education in general, but that makes sense. Can you elaborate on what you mean here? As for my FAQ, I can’t draw those things for cultural reasons, and I’m aware it will limit the types of customers and amount of work I may see.
  13. There is no specific format, but consistency will help you look professional. When you wrote papers for professors, they probably had instructions like “use APA format” and “use in-text citations” in their syllabus right? So, even if different teachers had different rules, internally a specific teacher wanted the same consistency. Related, you outline papers right? Rough draft before you write? Show your steps in math? Art is like that too. Learning to use preliminary sketches and ‘frames’ will help you improve your art in massive leaps and bounds. Okay I see what you’re saying about format. It looks unprofessional when I have a different layout for each gig. I can work on that. And I should continue practicing the fundamentals to further strengthen my skills 👍 thank you
  14. Wow, you guys are BRUTAL! I was mainly asking what I may be missing from the description or packages because they are already clicking on the gig based on the images already up there but I was going to improve them so they look even better. My style is geared toward young children so I didn’t want the pages to be too complicated, and the colorist gig isn’t to really showcase my art, but rather the coloring examples. I’m not drawing them anything, but rather coloring in what they already drew. @imagination7413 I’m not fake, just new, and I wasn’t aware that there was specific formatting when writing a description, I tried to include info a buyer may want. @kometbeats I don’t have formal training in art if that is what you are asking, but I’m going to assume you all have formal training in your respective fields since it’s of interest? @cc_animation see the first paragraph, also that is my style, similar to how imagination7413 stylizes her characters faces. It’s not my cup of tea, but everyone has different tastes. I’ve also seen gigs in my similar coloring book style that are doing well. What I’m mainly getting from you guy’s, um, ‘feedback’, is that I should work on creating smoother images that showcase the best I can do and continue to work on and improve my style. Thank you for the advice, but you guy’s delivery could use some work. 😅 ~Vee
  15. Thank you for the critique and resources. I enjoy browsing the forums to learn ways to improve and enhance my gigs. I plan on updating the images on my colorist gig to see if that helps. What did you think about the descriptions? Are they too wordy?
  16. Hello! I’m fairly new to Fiverr, only a couple months, and I’m brand new to using the forums! I have a couple gigs that are getting clicks but no orders, am I missing that final something that converts clicks to orders? These are the gigs: Fiverr.com Verity19: I will be a colorist for your simple illustration, artwork, comic...For only $5, Verity19 will be a colorist for your simple illustration, artwork, comic. | View The FAQ Before Submitting Order!I will color your simple illustration, character, design, book cover, and more! This gig is for Simple illustrations that... Fiverr.com Verity19: I will draw fun coloring book pages for young children in my style...For only $5, Verity19 will draw fun coloring book pages for young children in my style. | I will create unique print out coloring pages in my style for your child to color! Coloring reduces stress and improves fine motor skills and | Fiverr Any advice would be appreciated! ~Vee
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