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  1. I have opened Payoneer account reference of Fiverr . and I withdraw revenue direct bank account . But it cost me $3 per transection. Now I don’t want to pay $3 per transection and I want my revenue on my payoneer . Now what can I do for it.
  2. This is no problem when you come to fiverr forum your fiverr dashboard will tell you you "The person your are looking for is no longer available ". As soon as you close the fiverr forum the problem will solve …
  3. I am new on fiverr so I am little worried . Thank you for your valuable comment.
  4. @melisa_su I have send you the details please check. Thank you.
  5. My dashboard showing this notice, Can you please tell me what is the problem? Thanks in advance. Seller-Dashboard1583×799 113 KB
  6. Hi, I am new on fiverr I have open my payoneer account from fiverr . I have submitted my payoneer account for verification with all the required document on 28 January but my document is not verified yet . I have contact with payoneer support but they did not solve my problem. please tell my how I can solve my problem?
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