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  1. Fiverr charge only 20%. It maybe a bug.
  2. Report the message. Thanks for your information
  3. I think you gig is active but not in appear in search Result. Check this. If your gig is not appear in search page then give support from fiverr support center.
  4. great post. It’s very informative for All New sellers
  5. Welcome to Fiverrand love you too From this community
  6. Yes, you can. It is good for your gig.
  7. Hi Ahmed., Welcome to Fiverr community and best wishes for YOU ❤️
  8. Hi @digimaster2021 Welcome to Fiverr community. Best wishes for you.
  9. Hey, @riponroydu Welcome to Fiverr community.
  10. Do you really have to ask this? NO, you cannot be ALWAYS active on Fiverr. Normal people need to sleep, eat, and spend time with their family, friends or pets. Why on earth one would want to sit in front of a PC 24/7 hoping it will garner them a “knock” as you guys like to call it or an order is beyond comprehension. GG You are Right. Thanks​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:😍
  11. Hi, @xelany Welcome to Fiverr community and Best wishes for you. Some activists to get success Active FiverrPromoting gig in social mediaSend Bayer requestForuming for other knowledge etc.
  12. Hi, @gurusol Thanks for your information it’s very helpful for new seller and also for me.
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