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  1. Hi. @yanakochubynska @uttom_ray @sumon1985 @shubashis_pal32 , Happy too meet you all , I hope we are will be successful in this years , best regards to you all 🙂
  2. Hi bro , nice to meet you rezaul . Good luck with your work. Let’s be friends and let’s achieve success in fiverr, and by the way our country is pretty close
  3. thank you @liezel88 , may you always be smooth in everything you do, and I am happy to meet you 🙂
  4. Hello everyone I’m from indonesia and I’m a graphic designer, I am very excited to start my career as a freelancer at fiverr, may we all in luck and success always side with us. I am happy to join this community and very open to build a good discussion Thankyou … 🙂
  5. it’s good to have hope when starting something, and it’s natural to lose hope when reality says otherwise. but I think there’s always hope in fiverr, sustenance is set by God, you just have to try your best. I don’t know what you have to offer in your gig, but I guess you should try to fix your gig, try to create reach to your account. i am new at fiverr but i am trying to learn it as fast as i can, lastly I recommend saving gig link or fiverr profile in fiverr forum profile, it will help a little increase your account reach. I hope we are all lucky and successful
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