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  1. I understand your problem. But my humble request is please delete your one profile. Because you can’t run two profile at a time in your PC. Cheers, Arafat
  2. Dedication is the first priority that how many times you sustain here. Don’t worry about your first order you must focus on you activity time on Fiverr. I mean always stay active your profile you get your job very quickly Cheers, Arafat
  3. Getting active 24/7 is the most useful suggestion from my side. Cheers, Arafat
  4. Welcome Nabeel. Wish you a happy Journey
  5. Hey Haider, Don’t worry about that. When you refresh this page this problem will automatically remove. Cheers, Arafat
  6. Hey Moshur, Don’t worry about that. Keep patience and be active all the time on Fiverr success will come forward to you. You also check your GIG is it SEO friendly or not? Cheers, Arafat
  7. You should understand which sector you want to give service on Fiverr. Then you create an SEO friendly GIG which also contain many subcategory like GIG image, description title and so on. So stay calm and do a lot of work on that success must be come on you,. Cheers, Arafat
  8. I think keep patience is the best solution for that. One more thing you must be active online and see the buyer request properly. Cheers, Arafat
  9. Welcome to Our Fiverr Community. Cheers, Arafat
  10. You never change your user ID on Fiverr. If you need it very emergency then you must delete your profile and make another Fiverr account and Give your desire name. Cheers, Arafat
  11. Maybe you share your GIG on many social platform! Yes, then your GIG impression automatically down because of lot of spamming. My suggestion, Don’t share your GIG on social Platform that’s really vey harmful for your GIG Make a video for your GIG if possible that will be rank your GIG again but that’s optional Cheers, Arafat
  12. Hey Rasel, Please edit your gig title, description and pricing. You must add a video on your related field which also helpful to rank your gig again. Cheers, Arafat
  13. Don’t share your gig in social media that’s not a proper way. Many of them come into your gig then spamming that’s the reason why your gig impression was down day by day. My suggestion: avoid marketing your gig on social platform avoid sent too many buyer request one day don’t share your gig with you friends
  14. Getting active online is the most important to getting your job. You can also sent buyer request when it appears. Cheers, Arafat
  15. I think u should check your gig Pricing(If you set a budget-friendly method in your gig then it will very helpful to get job on Fiverr ), Your Description(which is the most important to get the job on Fiverr). Follow this method hope you will get your desire job very soon. Cheers
  16. Yeah Fiverr community is a great community ever. Stay safe
  17. Of course, How can I help you Buddy
  18. Be active on online. Write your description SEO friendly.
  19. Please keep patience and stay all time online more than 18 hours. After few day’s you will get every advantages from fiverr. I think you understand,.
  20. Please keep patience. When you active more than 18 hours fiverr will give you top more priority and that’s an easy technique.
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