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  1. Yes, understand. Even I tried to delete this account but can’t, reason was $4 in my account. However I will continue with this account & Let’s see again what happened then? Thanks @azmain7
  2. Thanks @looseink . I will continue with this account. Thanks for your solution.
  3. That means I can continue with this account. Here username will not impact to get an order.
  4. is 20 characters relevant to changing username? Have there anyone of fiverr team. Can anyone please let me know, how can i communicate with fiverr account team.
  5. However I want to change my username? Have there any other option?
  6. I can’t change my account username. If I want to change, only one option that is to close your account. I already earned $4. For that Fiverr telling me, first withdraw your money then deactivate or close your account. Actually, i am working on the Design category & my user name is dataentryarmy. It’s really not relevant with my gigs. Have there any option to change the username without closing the account. Please show me the way. Kindly Regards, Robiul Karim
  7. I am also facing same problem. My gig is active but, I don’t find my gig when search by whole title.
  8. 3 days ago I faces some problems with the buyer request section like the below images. Screenshot_51260×699 27.1 KB Yesterday & today i noticed that this problem is solvedScreenshot_61270×456 21.2 KB It’s amazing. My Problem Screenshot_71258×378 35.5 KB My 3rd gig’s impression get’s rapidly now, per day 0.7k impression and 3+ click. but I don’t get any orders. Please share with me few tips to get the order. Kindly Regards, Robiul Karim Team Leader, Data Entry Army
  9. today, I removed one skill from my skills set, and checked buyer request section, saw this missing is increased. have there any possibility to increase it for removing or adding skills ?
  10. Since a few days, I noticed at buyer request section, show active 1/2/3/4 request, but when I click to see that active button, it’s show “no request found”. Screenshot_51260×699 27.1 KB Can anyone please tell me, what happened here? Also explain, how buyer request comes? I am totally confusing, does that come from my gig/skills set/title/category/others? Please explain it.
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