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  1. Share your gig to social media.keep active 24 hours.if your gigs look eye catching then according to fiverr algorithm your gig take a huge impresion and click and thats how you will get your order very fast.
  2. I belong to bangladesh.we have huge population but the situation is under control right now.keep us in your prayer. Thank you.
  3. Share your gig on social media, active 24 hours.if your gig looking eye catching then your impression or click will increase automatically.
  4. Sometimes it takes time but fiverr will catch you sooner or later and will delete your gigs permanently. If others braking rules it doesn’t mean that you can also break rules. I have seen a level two seller published 3 gig’s with same catagory or same sub catagory one of his gig has 7k+ feedbacks how can they still survive can you please explain this
  5. I don’t think that I did any fault .if I did then fiverr took action about this or I published all the gig’s after research other gigs
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