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  1. Eid Mubarak to Muslim Guys…
  2. It doesn’t matter when to “report” it to CS. Most likely they will still tell to try to communicate and resolve it with buyer. @mercyvictorian did you agree upfront on the number of images that will be included in the order? Yup, but “reported first” increases the chances to grab attention on seriousness on matter which will in seller favor, perhaps. @mercyvictorian FAQ is a better option to make them understand the flow of work you deliver, whatever you offer.
  3. When buyer opened first dispute, you should have reported at that time. But do not worry wait for reply…
  4. It’s bad… Did you report this matter to CS?
  5. I’m a multi-disciplinary designer, offering services in editorial design.
  6. Take screenshots of all conversations, and report to CS, acknowledge them.
  7. Welcome! Take a long breath, inhale with nostrils then exhale air to mouth, now read threads and take your time to read, 😉
  8. Yup, It sound logically good, we are humans not machine, and we have to follow TOS as a fiverr seller, but health first.
  9. If you are asking to me, then Yes!
  10. After watching your topic, Now i realized that I’m not the only one who faced this… I think, Fiverr is just a platform to introduce creators on International Market. Now we have to convert our existing client to this platform and take orders here, so that rest of the world’s buyer could think about you and your skills & creativity that stand out or decide to hire you. It is just I observed or it can be said that “personal opinion”.
  11. my method: First, greetings with Hello Buyer. Second, Address their problem/requirement/whatever they asked. Third, Little bit Intro about myself. Fourth, How will I give solution of their problem/requirement. Fifth, closing/ ending words with call to action
  12. InshaAllah! Hope sustains… 🙂
  13. Go to “setting” tab. Check your “online status”.
  14. Much Appreciated @chester48 a seller faces same kind of several problem everyday. I think, Seller has an opportunity to set consult charges, sellers give their time here and “take time” and “money” are both same.
  15. This is serious matter, You should report that seller to CS. After all, He harmed your property.
  16. doesn’t matter. By the way, I’m too 😉
  17. Pakistani, understand urdu, english and hindi.
  18. Can you please explain in 3 to 4 sentences?
  19. Hello Guys! I need your expert advice on my profile. In my case, Buyers show interest and inbox, but not convert in sale. Where am I making mistakes? Take a look on my gigs, My profile. Please…
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