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  1. Yeah I just wanted to ensure I got answers, as sometimes my posts are ignored. I'm trying to delete this one, but am seeing no option to do so
  2. A buyer has asked to cancel an order, citing that he's 'not satisfied'. I suspect he just doesn't want to cough up for the work I've given him. Anyway, here's my dilemma. If I cancel the order, I will definitely be demoted back down from level 1 to new seller. But if I refuse the cancellation, he will surely leave me my first ever bad review. Question 1: In terms of the damage my profile could take, which is the lesser of the two evils? Question 2: I'm happy to delete the gig, as it's new, will a bad review left on it still show up on my main profile?
  3. No it doesn't make mathematical sense. How is it that when it decreases, it plummets, but when it's supposed to increase, it either barely moves or doesn't move at all? The fact that it's based on the last 60 days doesn't explain this unequal ratio. Furthermore, how is it that my other stats, such as the response rate, which apparently is also based on the past 60 days, increases as one would expect, but the order completion doesn't. Oh, and my order completion rate actually went from 90% back down to 89% earlier today, even though this was no activity / change on my account. Yep, that makes perfect sense.
  4. My Completed Orders percentage doesn't make sense. When I've had to cancel an order, my Completed Orders percentage drops by around 7%. But when I complete an order, it either goes back up by just 1%, or doesn't go back up at all. This obviously makes no mathematical sense at all. Obviously if this is the way it is, then if I have to cancel another order in future, for example if the buyer happens to request it, it would mean I'm almost certainly going to get demoted, which would be ridiculous. Any ideas?
  5. So, on the subject of Order Completion... My order completion is at 97%, I agree to cancel ONE order, and it plummets down to 88%. I complete another order (with a 5 star review to boot), and my Order Completion moved by one place, to 89%. How does that figure? And it gets worse... I complete another order (again with a 5 star review, not that it really matters), and my Order Completion doesn't increase at all. Feeling a little hard done by here. Anyone else think this is a trifle odd?
  6. What I uploaded corresponded to the instructions completely, simple as that. Anyway, if anyone is able to answer the questions I set out, it’d be appreciated.
  7. I’m starting to see why Fiverr has such an abysmal reputation for sellers now. I’ve been asked to verify my account, I’ve uploaded perfectly clear shots of my passport three times and they keep rejecting it. Now they tell me my account is suspended for multiple failed attempts. Question one: Is my hard earned good rankings going to suffer now as a result of this suspension? Question two: Is this something Fiverr does to try and swindle sellers out of their earnings? Question three: If they kick me off the site, will they try and keep my earnings?
  8. Ah yeah I see, lucky I checked then. Thanks
  9. Am I allowed to include a URL for my LinkedIn account on my profile description or my gig descriptions? Or is it against Fiverr terms of service?
  10. I agree, declaring it is the right thing for us to do. I’m just equally curious, like the OP, how HMRC become aware of such transactions in the first place
  11. Thanks for your reply Apparently HMRC can also check peoples bank accounts, if that person is under investigation. My big conundrum is, why would they be inclined to check in the first place? If they need access to a persons bank or PayPal account in order to discover an undeclared payment, how would they know to check in the first place, unless they’re being alerted to it already? Is that not a bit of a paradox? I’m not expecting people on here to admit to what I’m suggesting could theoretically happen, but I’m thinking it must still happen and go unnoticed.
  12. Thanks for your reply. Oh okay, I didn’t realize that. I will not create a new one in that case.
  13. Hey all, New to Fiverr. I created an account a few weeks ago with a gig that I kind of rushed; it’s not very effective. I have now written a new and improved gig and am ready to post it live. My question is this. Seeing as my account has not really been active / hasn’t gotten any interest in the few weeks since creating it, would it be wise to now delete it and start a new account from scratch? What I mean is, will this period of a few weeks relative inactivity have made the account particularly badly ranked now? Or does it not matter if it’s new or BRAND NEW when I post my new and improved gig? Thanks in advance
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