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  1. Again, do NOT give this nonsense advice to newbies here. There is NO benefit to being online 24/7 and, in fact, can lead to a mental breakdown. Do you want to pay the hospital bill for them when they collapse from lack of sleep and having hallucinations? Doubt it. GG Madam i mean that he or she active by it by mobile device, there is option to online. that’s the thing, don’t get me wrong please
  2. There is a timing for buyer request you can check 12.00pm in Bangladesh time and 5.00pm to 8.00 pm, also 10.00pm to 12.00 am, 03.00 am to 05.00 am, most of the buyer request you will get on this time. as new seller you have to check on this time, and try to use auto refresher extension. kindly set different time on their for auto refresher for buyer request page you can set the time at least 10min. i think it will help you.
  3. Welcome to fiverr community. Kindly active 24/7 and try to send 10 buyer request everyday. also make a work portfolio for your own, if any buyer ask to show then you will submitted those samples i hope it will help you. keep patience work hard success will come definitely
  4. Every day you send 10 buyer request. Also try to available 24/7 on fiverr. as much as you spend time on fiverr.Fiverr will give it back one day
  5. You can cancel order from fiverr support then it will not hamper your order completion rate. Buy review is honest opinion from buyer. it depends on buyer and you service quality if you give excellent service then buyer will give you good review.
  6. Welcome to fiverr community best of luck
  7. As Much as possible stay online daily send 10 buyer request. Hope you will get good result.
  8. Its ok but some peoples are sending offer for $5 1000 subscriber, i don’t know how will they give this subscriber. and before sending buyer request kindly pls check that is it buyer or seller, some seller will do post for buyer request to increase their impression.
  9. Best of luck, and welcome to fiverr community.
  10. Yes you are right dear, end of the day it will calculate average rating
  11. Its not a problem. you can update it any time.
  12. Welcome to fiverr. Send the buyer request with good portfolio.
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