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  1. May be down. However, you can edit the new gig, if you have a review or get a running order … or stay in the gig rank, it is better not to edit.
  2. Wow, pretty pushy there for someone who needs help. You may want to use a kinder approach and say “please” will you look at my Gig and suggest any errors/changes I should make. I am sure English is not your first language, so it comes down to that, but, the way you phrased your request is a huge turn-off. GG Thanks for the nice consideration genuineguidance.
  3. I am opening a gig according to my skill. If there is a problem somewhere in the gig, you must solve it, in the replay Gig link: fiverr.com/nayeem_hossain1/responsive-wordpress-website-design-elementor-landing-page-design Advance, Thanks.
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