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  1. Hi there I am using (infinix note 7) which has Android 10 I am using fiverr app to manage my profile Whenever someone tries to contact me , someone puts an order or any other notification , “i don’t get any notification” like on the mobile you get a notification bar After like 30 min or an hour Gmail notification appear (telling me like there is msg from some person) because of this i am not able to reply fast , you know buyer and seller has to discuss things , mostly due to time zone difference half of the day is already waste And the most anoying this is that when i open fiverr , after like 2 3 mins those old notification start appearing in the notification bar Please , I need to solve this problem Note : i have tried using other mobile like techno camon (Android 7) it still the same , When i had this old phone (Samsung j5) everything was working fine , I tried removing fiver from built-in battery saving option (like those which close apps in background) it still the same
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