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  1. I currently have a potential client asking about ongoing data entry work. They are a V.I.D. buyer (member for years, lots of 5 star reviews), and so far communication has been professional so I'm not expecting any big issues with them and am interested in taking on the job. But I'm totally at a loss! The work required would only be around 10-15 minutes a day, 5 days a week and we've discussed a price per action (a straight copy-paste, about 15 seconds to complete). The work would need to be completed through client's email and order system, which as far as I know, is fine on Fiverr, since it's part of the job (though do I need to contact C&S in advance so the conversation/order doesn't get flagged when the email address is given?) But my main question is, how on earth do I charge & deliver this? A day's work is under the minimum requirement of $5, so do I charge them a per week gig? Per month? But then, they'd be getting micro-deliveries daily sort of thing as a result of me doing the work in their software, though according to their profile, they're reliable when it comes to buying & selling. Milestones wanted a minimum $50 per step-completion, and I've been offered the subscription trial but not sure how that works. And if the work is all completed outside of Fiverr, then what actually gets delivered on Fiverr? How do people do it who offer this sort of data entry work? 🤔 Still new to this, obviously! 😅 Thanks!
  2. I just figured with every edit of your gig there’s a chance of going up or down in the listings (but we all need to inevitably edit at some point 😅), and surely upping the price and getting fewer clicks/views would affect that. At least with increasing the time the buyer would still click into your gig before they found that out. But good to know if that’s not the case and this is another option available to us!
  3. Congratulations 😁 It’s so exciting when it appears on the first page of a search result! And I commend you on the gig–I have enough trouble coming up with my own plot outlines! 😅
  4. A “team” operating within a single account is absolutely a common thing, particularly in specific categories, but your partner should close his existing account if deciding he becomes a part of your account, just to be safe. Absolutely! 😊 It’s only been in the talks so far.
  5. Hmm. :thinking: Hadn’t thought about increasing prices to a price no one would order. Seems a bit risky too, no? As it is I’ll probably pause or increase the timeframe, and somehow try & squeeze some extra words into the already full gig description to make room for a note! 😅 Thanks for your reply!
  6. Thanks for your detailed reply! 😁 So pausing one gig shouldn’t affect my active seller status then? I wouldn’t have thought so, but I had to question it. It seems whatever I decide to do about editing my gigs will be a bit of a gamble which is precisely what I was afraid of! 🙈 And I asked about my partner’s gig if he would maybe be better closing his account (don’t think he has any active gigs anyway) and putting his stuff on mine, so we only have to upkeep one account’s feedback and rankings! We’d of course update the profile to reflect it as a two-person team. I know some people have done it, but not sure if there’s one way that’s more advisable for success! :thinking: On the other hand, if we keep things separate and rankings do drop, then it’s only happening to one account! As you say, it’s a rollercoaster and certainly not a reliable income every month. 😓 The marketing you have to do (or lack thereof) on Fiverr is fantastic, but it comes with consequences!
  7. I think your text is good and your images look fine for showcasing the smaller details. I’d work on having a better first thumbnail image or video though which looks good at a small size. It’s the first thing a buyer is going to see after all! 😊
  8. Or at least, I’m expecting to hit Level 1 tomorrow. Yay! I had my first order April 6, my second order April 30, and it’s been a hectic month and a half since then. I haven’t even filled my max of 7 gigs yet and now I’ll have space for 10. 😅 I’ve been waiting to hit Level 1 to edit my gig prices and delivery time since I’m currently overworking and underselling for the hours I’m doing, and cutting myself short on time to myself. Therefore, I had a couple of questions about how best to go about editing my gigs. I’ve tried searching but a lot of the information that comes up is several years old and I realise there’s been updates to the platform. Level 2 - Be an active seller for 120 days. I assume this carries on after hitting Level 1 from Day 61? Same with orders, earnings, etc.? Will having 1 gig paused affect your active status, or only if ALL of your gigs are paused or if your account is in vacation mode? From what I can tell, pausing a gig is NOT recommended. Is this still the case? 😕 Seems like a waste of a good feature if you can’t use it without wrecking your account’s rankings. As a buyer, I’d prefer to see a gig with a 1 week delivery on pause, rather than place an order with a delivery time of 30 days. I guess this is where limiting orders in the queue helps as well, but this isn’t a feature I’ve used yet. I will extend my delivery time to a new average, but in the mean time, there is one gig I would like a break from for 3-4 weeks or so. What should I do? Pause it? Extend my delivery time out to 30 days and limit the orders to 1 or 2? I was also finding information about ‘average delivery time’ but cannot find this anywhere, so was this an old feature? How much do you increase your prices? $5 now and $5 later sort of thing, or are you better doing one increase of $15? etc. The same gig I was talking about above I’d like to completely change up the gig packages, so quite a bit of changes to the gig itself… I’ve had discussions with my partner about him maybe putting some gigs on my account too since it’s been going well. From what I understand, sharing accounts isn’t an issue as long as it’s clearly stated; the problems come more when there’s two accounts on the one IP that you’ve then got to contact CS for? He did have an account, but he never had any sales and hasn’t used it since I joined. Does anyone have a joint account with someone and have any pros/cons to share apart from the obvious all messages going to one account? Between us we’ve got skills across the board, so also wonder how that might be if we don’t have a niche–we hate them! 😅 Should I expect an increase in orders now? 😂 As I’m unemployed, this is actually starting to feel like a job, if I can get my gig times/prices right. It’s not a living yet, but it’s a start. I never expected this to go well when my partner suggested it, and surprised at how fast it’s gone. I’m sure I’ve earnt more here in two months than I did on Etsy in 3 years! I’ve been really lucky to pick up some great return buyers already and every single person has left a review :star_struck: It’s a good feeling! If you’ve read this far, thank you! And you’re welcome to share your own achievements! 😁 Have a great week!
  9. Yeah, I’d say so! (Don’t know how to quote a user?) We finally got the issue sorted out. 🙂 Well, I still don’t know what the issue was exactly, but my buyer resubmitted the reviews tonight and they finally came through and I was able to leave my reviews too, so yay! 😃 Thanks all!
  10. Apologies. I was just going off the FAQ where it states clearly: " A tip can only be provided after you have left your seller a positive review, whether you choose to praise the seller’s work, or just say “thanks.”. Good to hear it’s not actually the case! Support has got back to me and checked the orders and said the buyer did not leave any reviews, only work samples and said, “As this is a form of review, this is probably what your customer meant when they said that they left a review.” I somehow doubt it, because the buyer has been commenting over-the-top about how pleased they are, how they want to show their support for me, and specifically said, “I left a glowing review for your blurb when I accepted delivery but I don’t see it posted. Am I missing the correct way of doing that (they offered the review process when I left feedback).” :woman_shrugging: So I believe they have written out something, but it’s just disappeared somewhere or not been submitted correctly when they accepted the sample? Either way, the sample isn’t on my profile either–should that appear after the 10 days? I want to ask the buyer to check again, but obviously difficult to explain to them clearly what to do with the banned words!
  11. Thanks! I avoided all mention of review/feedback. My buyer has now left a tip as well, which according to the support pages, can only be done after they’ve left a positive review… so clearly they’re doing something right? But I still cannot find any option either on my dashboard, notifications, order page or elsewhere about how to leave them a review in return? So might this be a technical issue? About to contact CS myself.
  12. Thanks, I’ve just delivered again and advised to check her dashboard or contact CS in regards to the other order 🙂 Be interesting to see if her review for this one comes through straight away or not.
  13. I’m working with only my second client, who has ordered 2 gigs from me. She accepted the delivery on the first one on the 1st, and left a review, which I was unaware of until now when she’s just informed me. I have had no notifications about her leaving me a review, and therefore have been unable to leave her a review in return. Does this mean she’s left the review incorrectly? As we’re coming up to the 10-day mark, I’m concerned on missing out on the review (which I wasn’t, because I thought they had 30 days :woman_facepalming:). The second order was delivered on the 7th, however she didn’t accept/reject the delivery and we continued to chat about whether she was happy with it. She decided she is, and now can’t work out how to accept the delivery. I think she’s using desktop. I’ve read she can accept through delivery tab, but that sounds like in the app only (the same way sellers have timeline/chat tabs)? Does she need to scroll up to where I initially sent the delivery? Or is it easiest to simply re-deliver the work so she gets the pop-up again? The latter sounds best so there’s no confusion, but would be good to know if there’s a way from doing it on her end since she’s been really happy with my work and wants to order again (yay!). 😀 Also, how do I phrase my response? Since we can’t ask a buyer to leave a review (which I still find silly, but oh well), can I use the word feedback instead? Sounds like she might need to contact customer support on that though… or am I missing something on my end about leaving HER feedback? Just a bit lost! My first order a month ago the buyer left a review straight away, I left a return review, and it all happened straight away without issue! Thanks 😊
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