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  1. I’m don’t know the exact answer to your question, but there’s lots of sellers on Fiverr who don’t put their real names and they haven’t gotten warnings or account restrictions. In my opinion, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with not putting your real name because if you have an unusual name, people can easily search you up and a lot of personal information! I agree with you, but what concerns me is the following excerpt from Fiverr’s Community Standards: “Misleading profile information: Do not post a fake name, location, gender or photo in your user profile.”. Well, if a pseudonym is not considered a real name, then would it be false and would it be against the rules? I don’t even want to imagine using a name like “Barbara Dias” (fictitious name) and showing a document with “Samantha Costa” in identity verification. Would the CS punish? Many questions, I think I need to stop thinking.
  2. Hello everyone. I hope you are safe. I was recently in doubt. The Terms of Service condemn false names, right? But what is the scope of this rule? Are pseudonyms wrong and fanciful names (like LoveArt, for example) are allowed? I researched this, but the more I read, the more doubts arise, lol. Thank you for your reading time.
  3. Unfortunately, scammers and unsuspecting new sellers are not uncommon.
  4. Hm, that’s not what it sounds like from reading your profile description. Maybe reword that? Hi, thanks for worrying. Perhaps in my vernacular language this has not happened, but there may be a communication noise when passing the message into English. I just rephrased. Could you tell me if it’s still the same?
  5. Yes, exactly. I even saw one who wanted the job to be delivered before the monetary transaction was made. Like, isn’t that illegal?
  6. The buyer had dozens of offers. I was a little worried, but I can’t do much about it.
  7. Yes Yes. My GIG offers consulting only. If you understand it that way, maybe more people will understand it the same way and I can harm myself. I’ll review my words carefully. Thanks for worrying!
  8. I know. It was a joke, not a critic.
  9. Hi people! I hope you are all well. I was curious about a situation that just happened and wanted to know your opinion. For how many years would you arrest a buyer who offers $1 for 600 words? 🤡
  10. Fiverr.com Fiverr Help and Education CenterOne marketplace, millions of professional services. Browse. Buy. Done. Thank you so much. I’ll check everything right now!
  11. Hi! I hope everyone is okay. I have a question and I wonder if anyone could help me. I read recently that GIG descriptions must be in English, but I was confused if this should apply to all GIGs, because not all of my services are aimed at English speakers. When there is multilingual, I describe it in different languages. But when I refer to my native audience (Brazilians), I write in Portuguese. Example of service in multiple languages: Example of service in multiple languages.1272×428 11.2 KBExample of service in Portuguese: Example of service in Portuguese.1283×528 15 KBWill I be penalized for that? Should I change all GIGs to English? Thank you for your attention. SAMPAIO, Alex.
  12. I understand, it can be really frustrating. Please contact support. I hope you can resolve this as soon as possible.
  13. I believe that the dialogue is fundamental, but I imagine that the customer should have the right to resort directly to support. That way, he has the right to cancel for plagiarism and you can try to challenge him in support for providers. Anyway, I recommend that you always check similar or equal sentences, so that this does not happen again. Whatever your choice, I wish you luck.
  14. Hi! Stroll through the Community and discover the most relevant products in your industry and try to compare them with the services offered by you. Is your GIG image interesting? Does your GIG title attract public attention? Is your GIG relevant? What would make someone buy? Are you advertising correctly? Discover the potential and possible pitfalls of your business. Be honest with yourself and always try to stay up to date. Try to check the ‘Buyer Requests’ section; if you are having trouble finding an order, it will appear at one time or another. Also, I recommend that you take a walk through the forum and Fiverr’s tips, there is a lot of good quality content that can help you. Do not forget to review the platform rules, as many providers have problems with this. Success!
  15. Try to stay up to date. You could have had your success a few years ago, but believe me: things change fast. That is, look for current references to keep your GIGs increasingly fresh and with potential for sale. Review your GIG image, is it captivating? Can it be improved? Pay that same attention to titles and even your GIGs themselves. Is this a relevant product? Are you advertising it correctly? Try to check the ‘Buyer Requests’ section, if you are having trouble finding an order, it will show up at one time or another. Also, I recommend that you stroll through the forum and Fiverr tips, there is a lot of good quality content that can help you. Success!
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