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  1. I have created a gig on business card design. I have compleated my first order and I was able to make my client happy. I want to maintain my gig position. But how? Check my gig Here and please give me some suggestions.
  2. I am a new seller. I have got my first order on Fiverr last week. But still, now my gig ranking is being down. How can I get more orders on Fiverr???
  3. Hey everyone, This is graphic emphire. I am anew member . I have worked as a graphic designer around 4 years. I am also a business card expert. Buyers satisfaction is my main intention. please pray for me that I can build a successful career .
  4. keef trying and contact with the buyers very friendly, understand their need parfectly, try to communicate fluantly, thats it
  5. gig is the most important thing that help you to make a successfull carrier in fiverr. creat a clean and seo friendly gig and also make a efficiant budget .
  6. keep trying and also practice a lot
  7. continue your heard work and then communicate with the byers with good manners and fullfill their need parfectly
  8. fiverr knows it better but i have a suggesion for you to not to edit
  9. welcome to fiverr. hope you will be succeed and be a great man. also pray for me. continue your heard work .
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