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  1. I have the same problem too. Yes, refreshing the page does remove the message.
  2. Thanks for your feedback, Everyone. I deleted the app’s cache then the app’s data but the problem still persists. Hopefully Fiverr will resolve the issue.
  3. As a newbie, I wanted to say hello to the group and say thank you for the information I’ve already learned from many of your posts. Hoping to learn a lot and give back a lot. No matter where you are in the world, I hope your day is rewarding, successful and safe.
  4. Curious if anyone else has experienced a problem where the Fiverr mobile app won’t display the last in series of Buyer Requests, i.e. it will display all 7 of 8 requests, but you can’t access the 8th BR. The only way I can view the last BR is to logon to the web version. It does not happen the first time I view BR’s for a given day, but each time thereafter the problem occurs throughout the remainder of that day. I tried a re-installation but to no avail. Using the Android version. Thanks.
  5. Unfortunate as it is, you must keep your “radar” on at all times and yours seems to be right on target about a scam. I, too, am a new seller and have received several seemingly unscrupulous replies or requests similar to the one you received. All of mine were received after I submitted a custom offer in response to a Buyer Request. One asked me to call them/email them outside of Fiverr. Another simply sent me a random link and said, “click here”. On a third, my offer went to buyer “A”, but I received a near-immediate response from buyer “B” with a link to a google docs file, and no details other than a request asking me to click the link quickly. If a buyer was truly interested in doing business - and planning to pay for it - s/he would want to provide you with the details up front and certainly in response to your questions, to make sure their request is done correctly. And they would probably do so according good business practices (like adhering to TOS, for one). You kind of know when something is off and luckily for me, Fiverr flagged all of the responses I received as potential spam which further solidified my initial reaction. I went further, by researching the respondents Fiverr profile page and found all were brand new to Fiverr, with no history or reviews. That is not necessarily a problem by itself (I’m new too, and don’t have reviews… yet?), but given the other circumstances, I elected to be safe and stay away. Perhaps this method will cost me a few legitimate orders but that’s OK if it means I can rest assured. Getting your first reply is exciting and when you get the first REAL reply and you land the gig, you’ll savor it all the more. Hang in there, keep that radar on, and I wish you the best of luck.
  6. Agreed and yes, the link was off fiverr. I will report them. Thank you for your quick replies!
  7. Hello Fiverr! I’m a new seller here, glad to be on Fiverr. Is it unusual to submit a customer offer to a Buyer Request, only to receive a cryptic message with hyperlinks moments later, from a completely different profile? This has happened twice, and has raised my suspicion. The profile for the Buyer Request seemed legitimate (had been online for a few years, several positive ratings of varying writing styles) however the respondent’s profile was brand new with nothing listed and no ratings. Seems suspect to me. Thoughts anyone? Thanks much and nice to meet all of you!
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