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  1. lol, sorry, I’ve used the Italian shortcut words to say it. Yes, a roll up banner like the one posted from wuerz123. Thank you all guys.
  2. Hi guys, and thank for reading this post! I have a question: what’s the standard size of a Roll Up in America, Australia, Canada, and UK? Here in Italy it is 220cm x 80cm. Don’t mind if your answer is in inch. Thank you all in advance.
  3. Hi everyone, and thanks for reading this post! My question is: i have live portfolio enabled. But clearly not all the delivery is shown in my portfolio. And this is because buyers decides if to show the delivery or not in my portfolio. I would like to know how this thing works in the user interface (eg: there is a button to click or not in order to decide about this) so that i can elaborate a soft a kind message to ask the buyer to let the image be inserted in the live portfolio. Thanks to everyone.
  4. Following this, changing name (with the same feedbacks and stats, to prevent scammers), will be great!
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