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  1. So what’s the problem? I’ve also had clients with quite ridiculous nicknames, but that fact didn’t stop me from just writing hello as a reference to them and getting very good deals.
  2. @benedictrm, very true to your point about correlation - price of project and quality of project. As I understand from other users’ responses - buyers are choosing a seller by their rating and time they spent working on the platform. Yes, there is some logic to this, but in reality it doesn’t work properly. I often look at the gigs of other sellers and among first and second level sellers I see not seldom works that are much worse than that of sellers without a level. How can it happen that a seller with a low product quality reaches a higher level? It’s very easy to explain - there is huge demand for $5 services regardless of their quality, so $5 sellers get to the next level with their mass deliveries, but the gig’s cost and low quality of deliveries remain the same. I realize that looking for the right seller by clicking through dozens of gigs is time consuming, but it’s worth it, trust me. As for me personally, I decided initially to do an honest business. I put a 100 percent on each order, and my prices will never be at the level of 5 dollars. Yes, I will reach level 1 not in the first month, but it will be a true first level.
  3. I see it every time I check my account since last week.
  4. Wish you quick recovery! 🙏 I had a corona and severe pneumonia last spring. After a long therapy, I spent almost 8 months recuperating. Despite the very poor health care system of my country, I survived. I think everything will be ok. You’re young and you don’t have pneumonia, the corona itself passes easily by young people. Stay active, exercise daily, and be positive! Don’t panic, panic kills.
  5. This has happened to me too, I think that such buyers just haven’t decided for themselves what they want yet. You shouldn’t pay attention to that at all, much less get frustrated.
  6. Exactly, I always think that seller will put more effort into a more expensive project than in a cheaper one
  7. You said the most appropriate word for this case - it’s unfair and it’s pity that many skilled sellers are forced to work for $4.
  8. You are right 🙂, honestly, I’m a bit tired of the monotony on the forum, where every other person asks the same question billion times how to find a buyer quickly and for that reason I decided to create another topic for a change 🙂. And yes, I fully forgot about the local tax of 20%, now I have to rename the topic title 😄.
  9. That’s exactly what I’m talking about 🙂, sellers are ready to do the hard work for $5.
  10. You are lucky, were there many orders of that kind?
  11. I agree, as long as the service does not require much effort from seller. But ofen it’s a hardworking job and many sellers are willing to do it for $5 anyway.
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