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  1. Can I create many gigs in same category with different gig images & descriptions? Is it possible?
  2. Thank you Gustavovieira. I saw that some of the requests are very vague. But I don't think about it so much and I sent my requests to them also. Now I have an idea about this. Thanks for your quote.
  3. Hello Fiverr Forum. I have few doubts about Buyer requests. There are many fake Buyer requests in Fiverr that are posted by Sellers. I don't know why they posted these requests. We have a limited amount of buyer requests to sent. If we sent those buyer requests to Fake ones. It's a disadvantage to reach to Real Buyer. Does anyone have any solution for this? How can we Identify the Real Buyers except for fake ones? Thanks, Parsi
  4. I set all 10 byer requests everyday. But No orders yet.
  5. Thanks for your advice. 💪 It's very useful for my carrier
  6. I sent all 10 buyer requests everyday. But no orders from last 3 months.
  7. Thanks for your advise looseink. Your comment is very useful. 💪
  8. I have completed 5 orders. Last delivery was 3 months ago. I got all 5 star ratings also. But I have no orders after all. Any one can give me some advice please?
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